Eaux de Toilette Confidential

Comprised of six luminous ingredients in six fresh and enduring scents, Eaux de Toilette Confidential is the olfactory translation of Carolina Herrera de Baez herself, her emotions, her memories; her own insight into Carolina Herrera. Rare and precious, one ingredient is highlighted per fragrance and distilled in its purest, most precious, and powerful form. A showcase of the savoir-faire of House Carolina Herrera, the single-note blends are fragrant interpretations of memories and colors from intimate voyages.

Available at selected retailers

Summer Paradise
The Call of the Open Sea
Vibrant night
Time for Far Niente
Ticket to Ride
Heaven on Earth

The Elixirs

Paying tribute to the artisanal dexterity of the House’s tradition, Carolina Herrera de Baez has created two original elixirs. These unprecedented potions transform each Confidential Eaux de Toilette into custom couture scents with exceptional personality.

A touch of brightness
Boost of natural energy

The alegría de vivir

Inspired by the iconic style of its Carolina Herrera and her trailblazing alegría de vivir, Eaux de Toilette Confidential, is a symbol of the legendary fashion house capturing its essence through carefully selected, exceptional raw materials contemporized with her modern views.

<p>The alegría de vivir</p>

Haute Parfumerie 

These six eaux and two elixirs for men and women showcase thorough fragrance expertise, listening to the ingredients in each composition, allowing the different elements of each fragrance to express their purest character. The profound esteem for beauty that magnifies the quality of the materials with the utmost attention to detail pays homage to the luxurious Carolina Herrera atelier, located in central New York. Playing with classical techniques and experimenting with state-of-the-art innovations, the House’s artistic craftsmanship generates a palette for unlimited possibilities.

The new perspective

Embarking on an exciting new chapter on fragrance design, Eaux de Toilette Confidential merges couture excellence with expertise in luxury fragrance development and Carolina Herrera de Baez’s inspiration from her most coveted holiday destinations on Earth.

<p>The alegría de vivir</p>

A truly unisex collection

This unisex collection is imaginative, fresh, and effortlessly glamorous; qualities that the House Carolina Herrera exudes in every creation. Eaux de Toilette Confidential brings an irrefutable force filled with the natural elegance that pervades everything that Carolina Herrera touches.